Kim Sung Kyu (김성규) – 답가 (Feat. 박윤하) Lyrics (Korean + Romanization + Translation)

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Track no 6 of Kim Sungkyu’s 2nd mini album “27”. To download the other tracks/full album, visit the download page HERE.


Korean + Romanization + Translation
왜 이렇게 항상 후회만
wae ireohge hangsang huhoeman
Why am I always filled with regret

늘 똑같은 실수를 반복하는지
neul ddoggateun silsureul banboghaneunji
Always repeating that same mistakes

고맙다는 말
gomabdaneun mal
Words “Thank you”

미안하단 말 하고 싶은데
mianhadan mal hago sipeunde
Words “I’m sorry”, are the words I want to tell you

외롭다는 말
oerobdaneun mal
“I’m lonely”

힘들다는 말 그런 말들만
himdeuldaneun mal geureon maldeulman
“I’m struggling”, I said those words instead

많은 게 변했고 또 변해가겠지만
manheun ge byeonhaetgo ddo byeonhaegagetjiman
Everything changed and is changing

널 향한 이 맘은 잡아둘게
neol hyanghan i mameun jabadulge
But I’ll hold onto my heart for you.

그 누구보다 널 아껴주고 네가
geu nuguboda neol aggyeojugo nega
I’ll take better care of you than anyone else

슬퍼지려 할 땐 그 땐 내가
seulpeojiryeo hal ddaen geu ddaen naega
And when you start being sad I’ll,

널 웃게 해줄게
neol utge haejulge
Make you smile

널 웃게 해줄게
neol utge haejulge
Make you smile

미안해하지 말아요
mianhaehaji malayo
Don’t be sorry

네가 있어 난 너무 행복해
nega isseo nan neomu haengboghae
I’m so happy that you’re here

사랑한단 말
saranghandan mal
The word “I love you”

지켜준단 말하지 않아도 돼
jikyeojundan malhaji anhado dwae
The word “I’ll protect you”, you don’t need to tell me that

날 아끼는 맘
nal aggineun mam
Your heart that cares for me,

생각하는 맘 그걸로 충분해
saenggaghaneun mam geugeolro chungbunhae
Your heart that thinks of me, it’s more than enough

시간은 흐르고 또 흘러가겠지만
siganeun heureugo ddo heullogagetjiman
Time will pass and pass

널 위한 이 맘은 잡아둘게
neol wihan i mameun jabadulge
But I’ll hold onto my heart for you

그 누구보다 널 이해하고 네가
geu nuguboda neol ihaehago niga
I’ll understand you more than anyone else

슬퍼지려 할 땐 그땐 내가
seulpeojiryeo hal ddaen geuddaen naega
And when you start being sad, I’ll

널 웃게 해줄게
neol utge haejulge
Make you smile

널 웃게 해줄게
neol utge haejulge
Make you smile

English Translation: KokoaPlay, Pop!gasa
Korean/Hangul: Music Daum
Romanization: KokoaPlay

Kim Sung Kyu (김성규) – 답가 (Feat. 박윤하)
06 답가 (Feat. 박윤하)


P.S. Forgive if any mistake in translation. I am not fluent in Korean, still learning in here and there, and my English is at the level where if you put me in English speaking country at least I know where the toilet is. What? It is important to know where the toilet is important for me.

[UPDATE] Combining translation with Pop!gasa translation.

Fun fact:
The literal meaning of 답가 is ‘answer poem’, ‘reply’ the one you say (literally sing) as a response to what the other spoke. One of the most famous 답가 is 정몽주’s 단심가 as an answer to 이방원’s 하여가. Almost all Koreans know the 단심가, and it is considered one of the finest masterpieces in Korean literature.
In this song on Sunggyus’s part, he said that he has some regrets and some wishful thinking. And guess what? He got his regrets, his wishful thinking answered, replied, by Park Younha in her part.

This translation and the fun fact provided by Google Translate and nice people on the language forums.